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For Total Health Transformation

Leanna has extensive knowledge of natural healing, for treating many different ailments. She treats the whole person to improve overall good health as well as the condition.

Leanna Broom has been practising as a Medical Herbalist for nearly 30 years. She has travelled worldwide to destinations such as Europe, Australia, The Far East, China, North America and the Pacific in pursuit of her Herbal Knowledge.

Practicing in Swansea Wales. Leanna offers a caring and sensitive one on one health assessment, using natural herbal remedies and traditional Chinese, Western and Ayurvedic Herbal medicine.  

Leanna is bound by a strong code of ethics and undertake ongoing professional development to ensure that your assessment will be the optimal for yourself and conducted in a professional framework of ethical confidentiality.


You may be putting your lack of vitality, your aches and pains, your creaking bones, your catarrh and phlegm, unexplained weight gain and everything you are suffering down to getting older.

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Herbal Help for Womens Health Issues/Fertility & The Menopause

When a girl starts having her periods, it is viewed as a celebration of her becoming a woman That is one end of the scale, the other end is the Menopause, which is viewed as a potentially unpleasant experience. The time in between can be problematical, as each decade progresses, different problems may manifest.

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The following can respond well to herbs....

  • Fertility issues Male and Female
  • Women's health from puberty to menopause
  • Skin Problems
  • Stress problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Bone Health

Home Visits

Leanna is able to make a home visit to those who live within a 20 mile radius. 


"I started seeing Leanna over 4 years ago when I was both physically and mentally in a very poor state. Through her herbal remedies and invaluable advice including nutrition and lifestyle, my health has improved. I have been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue, which I know can take a long time to fully recover from. But I never doubt Leanna's support, and I always seek and value her opinion. I've recently turned 40, and just about everyone has said I don't look it, even to the extent that members of my own family questioned whether my dates were right! I know this is down to the changes I made under Leanna's guidance."

By Rebecca Turpin - The Gower Peninsular, Swansea
Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine The National Institute of Medical Herbalists Association of Master Herbalists