Leanna Broom

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Healing Process

The key to getting started on the road to good health is the first consultation to determine how I can help you.

I use herbal remedies, mainly organic fluid extracts and tinctures.They will be Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic to trouble-shoot and help heal the body, by primarily improving digestion and absorption. I will help you to balance your blood sugar levels. This in turn cleans the blood and the liver and together reducing catarrh will unblock the body and improve immunity, digestion, circulation, serotonin production to help sleep and stress issues, hormone balance, skin health, nourishment of bones and improve heart health.

Over time your body can then take over and heal itself. I call this the 'Self Heal Mode'


The first consultation will take at up to an hour and a half. We will cover all aspects of health, lifestyle and dietary habits. I will compose an personalised eating plan for you.

Follow up consultations take 45 minutes to an hour. After the initial consultation Skype appointments can be offered.

Herbal Remedies

Chinese, Western Ayurvedic personalised herbal remedies are used to get to the cause of problems and help restore health. The 

All the fluid extracts and tinctures I use are of the utmost quality. They are grown Biodynamically which are, wherever possible fresh and always Organic (rather than dried), or wild harvested and all made using spring water. Using herbs gathered and prepared in this way help the remedies to be more effective.

Most of the western herbs used are sourced from local suppliers located in Wales. All my suppliers are supplied by the registered bodies of herbal medicine and are quality controlled.  

The remedies could include energy essences or Spagyrics and are made up of a bespoke formula in fluid extract and tincture form.

There may also be a cream used topically or an oil. Sometimes pills or capsules may be prescribed.

Lifestyle Coaching

Advice is offered, on Yoga, Meditation and breathing exercises.

Nutritional Advice

Nutrition is the mainstay of good health and maintaining it. Making good choices of what one eats becomes a part of life, food is your daily medicine. I can inspire you with many different suggestion of foods that you can eat.

Detoxification Treatments

If required, Detox treatments may be advised to improve absorption and general health. The Detox may be prescribed before the main treatment because the herbs will be absorbed more efficiently.


Good healthy lifestyle promotes anti-ageing on both face and body. Advice can be given on the latest natural skin care products and techniques to improve all aspects of anti-ageing. Facial exercises may be suggested to visibly improve and lift the face.

Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine The National Institute of Medical Herbalists Association of Master Herbalists