Leanna Broom

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"The doctor told me I have a low sperm count and I was so embarrassed. I consulted with Leanna Broom. She put me at ease by telling me lots of men have this problem. Two months later I popped back to the doc, he tested me and my sperm count, morphology and motility were normal. Not only that I felt so much better in myself. My girlfriend is now three months pregnant and we are both so grateful to Leanna." 

John M. - Carmarthen

"I had come off the pill and I could not get my hormones balanced again. My partner and myself were desperate for a child and the clock was ticking. Within three months my hormones were balanced enough for me to conceive. Leanna told me it is essential to be in good health when you get pregnant as the baby will have a healthier constitution. Our baby boy is three now and thriving. Thank you Leanna."

Kate S. Swansea

"We had been trying for a baby for years and decided on IVF. We asked Leanna for herbal remedies to work alongside it. My wife had a baby and we were the only ones to get success. Eighteen months later I called Leanna again, Yvonne my wife was pregnant again, this time using the herbs only. She even helped her with herbs before and during the birth. We have two beautiful little girls now. We are so glad we found Leanna to help us." 

Alan and Yvonne from Stirling, Scotland

"I started seeing Leanna over 4 years ago when I was both physically and mentally in a very poor state. Through her herbal remedies and invaluable advice including nutrition and lifestyle, my health has improved. I have been diagnosed with Post Viral Fatigue, which I know can take a long time to fully recover from. But I never doubt Leanna's support, and I always seek and value her opinion. I've recently turned 40, and just about everyone has said I don't look it, even to the extent that members of my own family questioned whether my dates were right! I know this is down to the changes I made under Leanna's guidance."

Rebecca Turpin - The Gower Peninsular, Swansea

"The Menopause was a hellish experience for me, and then I saw Leanna Broom in a documentary about Herbalists. I made an appointment and within three months I was back to my old self. No flushes, no bloating and within six months Leanna helped me regain my waistline. Thank God for Herbal Medicine and Leanna."

Mrs Anwen W. - Pembroke Dock

"I had been suffering from PMT since my teens and my husband was totally fed up and the kids avoided me that ‘time of the month’ Now instead of losing two weeks a month I love my life all the time. Thank you Leanna for bringing My peace back."

Marie R. - Caldicot

"Leanna is a caring, loving herbalist who is in touch with the plants spirits as well as their healing qualities. Her ability to intuit aid for my health has been very inspirational and useful.. I adore using her rose cream and rose heart tincture. Those two products have eased my heart and uplifted my spirit"

A. Bonnet, ceremonialist, recording artist and sound medicine practitioner, California

"It was a week before my wedding and my skin erupted in huge red boils. Someone told me to consult with Leanna Broom Skin Specialist and my skin was almost perfect on my wedding day. Thank you Leanna, you saved my day"

N. Dale - West Cross Swansea

"Leanna Broom has systematically got to the root of a digestion disorder from which I suffered for years. Through her treatments the bloating and wind up that were symptoms of this disorder have disappeared, and I now follow a prescribed diet based on foods that are in harmony with my body, while eliminating ones that have weighed heavily on my digestion. Indeed my food is now my medicine."

Alistair Paterson published poet Ayrshire

"Leanna is one of the most wondrous ‘Medicine Women’ on this planet. Her sense of what the patient needs always hits the spot"

Whitewolf Switzer from California

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