Leanna Broom

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Leanna has travelled all over the world to research natural healing techniques.  She has travelled within China, the Far East, including Vietnam.

She has lived and worked with the indigenous American healers learning their natural healing wisdom. Leanna has travelled throughout USA, Canada, Hawaii, Morocco, Egypt, Europe and Australia.                

Leanna writes informative articles within the natural health world and is extending her career into the world of interviews and feature writing. She is available to write medical articles and Natural health article and individual Herb articles.

As a Radio Presenter Leanna has her own radio program on Oystermouth Radio. Each program focuses on a particular subject with the aim of prevention by cultivating good overall health.


Lets get Wiser about SunCare

Natural alternatives to use instead of conventional SunCare products 

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You may be putting your lack of vitality, your aches and pains, your creaking bones, your catarrh and phlegm, unexplained weight gain and everything you are suffering down to getting older.

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Herbal Help for Womens Health Issues/Fertility & The Menopause

When a girl starts having her periods, it is viewed as a celebration of her becoming a woman That is one end of the scale, the other end is the Menopause, which is viewed as a potentially unpleasant experience. The time in between can be problematical, as each decade progresses, different problems may manifest.

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Looking at Skin Problems differently

There are numerous labels for skin problems. They manifest differently after all, but they all have these factors in common. They can be uncomfortable, unsightly and embarrassing. Many people say they feel self-conscious and unclean. If skin is aesthetically pleasing it also reflects the inner health of the body.

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